Adventure Harley-Davidson®
1465 State Route 39 NW, Dover, OH 44622


Early Ride Registration open: Thursday, 8/27 6pm - Sunday, 9/6 12m

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1. Twisted Bear Run                                                                                     

  • Friday only                                                                                                                
  • Lead: Cher Hathaway
  • Sweep: Sharon Gibson
  • Total Miles: 135 miles                                                                                                                   
  • Max Bikes: 18
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/55
  • Scenic, rural, curves. Amish buggies possible

Come join us for a nice relaxing, wide open, rolling hills, and countryside ride! It has twisting, winding, and curvy roads thru Tuscarawas, Guernsey, and Harrison counties to our gas stop prior to an awesome meal, and desserts at The Bear’s Den Steakhouse. Bear’s Den is located in a country- side setting in Cambridge, Ohio.

After lunch, we will continue our journey through the countryside to the Piedmont Dam rest stop for a photo shoot, and then around scenic Tappan Lake.

2. Travel Back in Time  (In Our Modern Time Machine)                     

  • Friday Only CAR Ride                                                                                 
  • Lead: Barbara Hickenbottom                                
  • Middle:   Jeannie Mercer
  • Sweep:  Alma Gottschek
  • Total Miles 74     
  • Minimum 15 mph to 70 mph speeds

Come join us and take a leisurely ride thru Tuscarawas and Coshocton County to Historic Roscoe Village where it seems that time has stopped. We will find plenty of quaint stores to explore. Many are still showcasing traditional craftsmanship, and handmade items.

Continuing on to Holmes County, Walnut Creek Cheese for Lunch, and Ice Cream.

3. Legends of Music Barn Ride            

  • Friday only    
  • Lead:  Debbie McCully
  • Middle:  Debbie Hostetter
  • Sweep:  Hollie Lashley
  • Total Miles:  90   
  • Max Bikes: 15                
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/50
  • Scenic, rural, curves, hills, Amish buggies possible, gravel driveway parking

Hey rock-n-rollers, and music lovers of all kinds, come take a magic carpet ride with us to The Legends of Music Barn in Millersburg. You will not be disappointed.

This ride consists of rural, back county roads, some state routes, and is very scenic. There are a few ruts from Amish buggies, some nice curves, and a couple incline stops. We will be pulling into a hard-packed dirt/gravel driveway to park. Then viewing a unique, privately owned, restored barn, full of music memorabilia, with beautiful artwork throughout.

We have an early gas stop for any small tanks to top off, then on to our lunch stop at the Millersburg Brewing Co. (blacktop parking lot). After lunch, it’s more awesome back roads, traveling through Mt Hope, Winesburg, and Dundee.

Speed will range from 35 to 50 miles per hour. Approximate time in the saddle is 2 hrs 10 minutes, with total ride 4-1/2 hours, including stops.

4. Cruisin’ Through the Country

  • Friday Only     
  • Heartland Hill Restaurant, Carrollton, OH                                            
  • Lead-Cherie Kail
  • Middle-Tammy Tallbot                             
  • Sweep-Katie Snyder
  • Total Miles: 120 Miles    
  • Max Riders: 15
  • Min/Max MPH: 35/50
  • State Routes, narrow roads, curves, hills                                                             

Join us on a peaceful cruise through our local countryside to Heartland Hill restaurant in Carrollton, Ohio. A place so rural, you can’t get there without taking the scenic route!

We will be taking state routes as well as a country road to reach our destination. All roads are paved and well-maintained, though some narrow spots require single file formation. We are taking a smaller group to promote the comfort of our riders. There are curves and hills, but we will be traveling at a pace that is safe for all skill levels.

Our maximum speed will be 55; we will average 35 on the country roads, and there is some 25-mph travel in town. The parking lot at our destination is paved and mostly flat, with a slight upgrade on one side, but typically there is plenty of parking space on the flat area. The restaurant serves home-cooked meals and amazing desserts at family-friendly prices.

There will be a gas stop at 65 miles and a round-trip total of 120 miles.

There are no known road hazards except for some patchwork in the outer lane on the country road but riding single file will resolve any issues there.

Please join us for awesome food and a great ride!


5. Bigfoot, Bison and Bears, O My!                  

  • Friday & Saturday
  • Lead: Donna Seich  
  • Sweep: Diane Lawrence 
  • Total Miles: 100     
  • Max Riders: 18
  • Min/Max MPH: 35/50
  • Curves & Straightaways.  Amish Buggies possible.

Join us as we travel 100 miles through the backroads, as we snake along the countryside in search of wildlife. Fill your hearts content with rolling hills of galloping horses, grazing cows, and even a sheep or two. After 50 minutes of nature viewing, we will stretch our legs, and refill our tanks (snacks and gas), if needed.

Heading out, our next campsite will be Newt’s Place in Navarre, Ohio, where the locals call it the best grub around. After lunch, we will travel to The Sommer Wildlife Conserva- tion Center in Canton, Ohio. There, we will get the chance to view some previously rehabbed animals that no longer can be released for their safety.

As we trek on down the road, our last stop will be Sippo Lake Park in Canton, Ohio, where you can view the lake from the dock, grab some ice cream, or just sit and listen to the birds. Did you see them?? The Bigfoot, Bison, and Bear?? They were there!!

Average speed is rabbit (35) to gazelle (50) with roads        consistently like snakes (curvy) with a few camels (humps) and some giraffes (long and straight).

6. RUN RABBIT RUN                                                           

  • Friday & Saturday                                                          
  • Lead-Josee Boal
  • Sweep-Alisha Healey
  • Total Miles: 135
  • Max Bikes: 15
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/55
  • Scenic, rural, curves

This ride is for the curve-lover! If curves get you excited, and you want to learn more techniques to really get comfortable while dancing with the curvy roads then this is for you. I will gladly teach you steps to successful corner and we will stay at the speed limit.

After about 30 miles we will stop to make sure everyone survived the first set of twisties, where you will be able to admire the beautiful Clendening Lake. We will take the opportunity to share what helps avoid your heart flutter.

After 35 more miles we’ll stop to gas up or have refreshment. Then we’ll continue down to Quaker City for a hearty Amish Meal at the Wagon Wheel Bar and Grill. (Not really a bar).

Once rested, up we will continue our exploration of southernOhio scenic cruise filled with sweeping turns.

After about an hour of riding or so, there will be a well-deserved stop at the Ice Cream Island in Cadiz. Once all sugared up…. we will then pass by beautiful Tappan Lake.

This ride is more for the experience rider who wants to challenge themselves with the curvy roads while improving their skills.


  • Friday & Saturday                             
  • Lead:  Sally Liber 
  • Sweep:  Carol Bryant 
  • Total miles: 89    
  • Max Riders: Open
  • Min/Max MPH: 20/55
  • Scenic, rural, curves, gravel parking            

Join our group not only for the 89 miles of beautiful scenery, and back country roads, but also for the excitement of driving your own GO KART at Adkins Raceway. Adkins is one of the premier Karting facilities on the East Coast, and is located in Port Washington, Ohio. It provides a professional-racing experience with high-performance Rental Karts able to reach speeds of up to 45MPH. 

Adkins parking lot is packed gravel and so is Jackie’s. Two lane curvy roads where we will be riding single file and other good paved roads where speed limit is 55MPH.

Credit Cards are accepted at all stops, but cash is preferred at Adkins

  • FIRST STOP: Adkins Raceway: be prepared to use YOUR MOTORCYCLE HELMET. Cost: $20 for one race, $10 for each additional race; restrooms on premises
  • SECOND STOP: Lunch at Jackie’s Family Restaurant 
  • THIRD STOP: Pit Stop at Circle K Gas Station; Gas/Restrooms
  • FOURTH STOP: Dairy Hut for Ice Cream; No Restrooms available

8. Chaos of Curves Twisty River Ride to Seneca Lake!!!                       

  • Friday & Saturday    
  • Lead:  Sember Newell
  • Middle:  Denise Ellis
  • Sweep:  Judy Platt     
  • Total Miles 150            
  • Max Riders: 17                                                   
  • Min/Max MPH: 15/55    
  • Scenic curves, sharp turns, possible Amish buggies.                                                               

Girls - please join us for a ride on some of the curviest roads within a 150-mile radius of Adventure Harley Davidson! This ride consists of beautiful views with great roads, which will   challenge your senses! With twisties and turns, stops on inclines, rough road, and some gravel.

This ride is not for the faint of heart!!  On the way, we will have a comfort break at a local winery. Remember-no alcohol       consumption during the ride is allowed, but feel free to purchase some local fare for later enjoyment. We will cruise down to Seneca Lake, and have lunch on the deck! The homemade pie comes highly recommended!!

There is a gas stop approximately at 110 miles, so please show up with a full tank of gas.

9. The Hide Out                                                 

  • Friday & Saturday                                                             
  • Lead:  Jackie Mason 
  • Middle Sweep   Tawney Gobel 
  • Back Sweep: Judy Kinnard 
  • Total  miles: 130                          
  • Min/Max Speed: 15/55
  • Max Bikes: 22
  • Approximately 20 to 35-15mph curves, scenic back roads, hills, valleys, curves, Amish buggies possible

Join us as we take the back roads to the hideout on the hill. The “safe house” also known as “Gospel Hill Lighthouse” is the    perfect hideout for the LAWless group of Adventure riders. We will try to avoid the cops as we enjoy the hills, valleys & curves. The LAWless group will stop in Dresden to gas up, then on to the hide away! Take the steps to the top to keep look out. The cops are coming with the K9 patrol! Watch out, it will be sure to be entertaining!! At the hide out we will enjoy a Schumacher Farm boxed lunch prepared special for the Adventure riders.

Cost of lunch will be $8.00 & includes a sandwich, macaroni salad, potato chips, cookies/bar & water. Friday sandwich choice will be ham or turkey & Saturday choice is ham or chicken salad. Please pay Jackie for your meal.

10. The “GT 57’ Ride”                  

  • Friday and Saturday 
  • Lead: Denise Taylor                    
  • Sweep: Cathy Gustafson
  • Total miles: 93                            
  • Max Bikes: 10
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/55
  • Scenic, rural, curves, hills, gravel parking, Amish buggies possible
  • Gas stop at 20 miles in Waynesburg

If you want to chillax and cruise through a few quaint little coun- try towns, enjoy some hills and twisty curves then straighten it out a little, then this ride with Cathy and Denise is for you! We’ll be heading out East from the dealership, riding through Mineral City, Magnolia then making a stop in Waynesburg (20 miles)for a quick top off and pit stop if needed. From there we’ll go through Malvern then head out to Minerva to stop and eat at the 50’s style diner, Minerva Classic 57’.

The owner is blocking off the side street next to the restaurant for parking. We will have a nice size private room in which we can spread out and be comfortable to enjoy some great food! Cathy and Denise have already test rode the food including a piece of their homemade pie! After that we’ll ride through some gorgeous farm country with rolling hills and curves through Salineville, and Carrollton. If you didn’t get a piece of the homemade pie at the diner then there’s an ice cream stop in Dellroy (gravel parking lot). After that, things start to straighten out through more country roads we love in Ohio.

If you have the Harley-Davidson app on your phone, this route was created in the ride planner and can be shared to use in your phone.

11. Lakes, Trains, and Curves Galore                                 

  • Friday & Saturday                                                                 
  • Lead: Jessica Eberhart
  • Middle: Ann Strachan
  • Sweep:  Angie Bahr
  • Total Miles: 200 (Gas stop at 60 & 75 miles)   
  • Max Riders: 16
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/55
  • Scenic, tight turns, inclines, curves, possible gravel, Amish buggies possible.

This ride is for the wind kisser, and asphalt slayer, lovers of challenging twisties, and tight turns. Ride Free with me and take in Ohio the beautiful. This ride will have you marking it as a must do for a future ride with friends. Twisty roads lead up to a view of Tappan Lake, and a photo opp of the views it offers. 60 miles in we will stop for a leg stretch and fill up. Mask up and grab your snack. The fewer people in the store the better.

Saddle up because the best is yet to come. We will head over to our lunch stop at Dennison Yard for sandwiches, pizza, pasta, etc. ( Another great photo opp at the train station. This leg of the ride really gets curvy; however, we’ll take you on a sweet cool ride down to Velvet Ice Cream.

This ride is an all-day ride, not to worry. Oh My! Watch for horse and buggies, possibly gravel, & stops on inclines, however, single file and hand signals will keep you safe.


12. Biker Babes in the City  

  • Saturday Only
  • Lead: Jennifer Kleiner
  • Middle: Lisa Brock
  • Sweep: Stephanie Dowler
  • Total Miles: 85 Miles (Comfort/Gas Stop @ 41 miles)                       
  • Approx 3 hrs of Seat Time
  • Max Riders: 10
  • Scenic rural curves.  Possible Amish buggies.

A nice laid-back route that will have a little bit of it all! We will be on some wonderful less traveled roads, pass through some old historic towns and end up in the “big city” of Canton, Ohio. We will take a small walking tour of a few eclectic, quirky and hand- made shops. (Please plan on walking about ½ a mile) You will see retro, vintage, mid-century and accessories, artwork, vinyl records and lots more.

Lunch will be at the Arcadia Grill. They have an old school vibe and serve a delicious selection of mainly Italian/American cui- sine for the last 100 Years.

Our route back to the dealership will be even more relaxing with long sweeping curves that allow you to really enjoy having your knees in the breeze. We will be stopping for a sweet treat at a Family Owned Ice Cream Stand that has been operating since the 1940’s.

13. Haunted Freedom Ride                        

  • Saturday Only    
  • Lead: Becky Dale                            
  • Middle: Jill Hostetler Ramsey
  • Sweep: Sandy Higgins  
  • 3 hrs. ride time, gas stop @ 58 miles
  • Total Miles: 116                                
  • Max Riders: 20
  • Min/Max MPH: 25/60
  • Scenic curves, sharp turns, gravel or grass parking, Amish buggies possible.

This ride takes us to Prospect Place, a National Registered Historic Mansion, and certified as an Underground Railroad stop. There’s no admission charge for the self-guided tour, but a donation to help with maintenance of property is appreciated. You may want to bring water and a snack also, as there are not any concessions on hand.

The mansion is alleged to be one of the most haunted places in Ohio, as seen on both Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures TV shows.

This ride consists of 2 sections, each taking 1 & 1/2 hours, and 58 miles. Lunch destination is the Warehouse Restaurant in Dresden Ohio, just minutes from the Mansion. This is also the gas stop, if needed by anyone.

We will be traveling on scenic countryside roads full of fast curves and some sharp turns. Depending on time frame we can also add an ice cream stop in Baltic as we are passing through the heart of Amish country. In addition to viewing farmlands, horse and alpaca ranches, who knows we might also get to see a ghost.

14. Laser Tag Ride                                                                              

  • Saturday Only
  • Lead-Debbie McCully
  • Sweep-Tammy Jones
  • Total Miles: 94                          
  • Max Riders: 14
  • Min/Max MPH: 20/50
  • Scenic, rural, curves, possible Amish buggies.

Come ride with us on some scenic, country roads from     Dover into the historical town of Canal Fulton. We will travel thru Dundee; hit some back Amish areas before a comfort stop, & gas-if needed, in Dalton. First leg of ride is 58 miles, with 1 hr. 52 minutes in the saddle. Our lunch stop will be at the Miller-Doan Tavern in Canal Fulton,, a place “where history recreates itself”. As a reminder, no alcohol consumption is permitted while on the ride. Burgers and sand- wiches range from $8-12.00, along with a variety of appetizers to choose from.

After lunch, we will head over to Sluggers & Putters Fun Park, 5-10 minutes from the restaurant, for laser tag, yes-you get your own gun & we will have teams. Price is $8.00 per person, each game lasts about 15 minutes, so we can play 2 games, or not depending on time. Ice cream will be on the agenda as well, at their Annie Em’s Ice Cream Company, also on the premises.

Credit cards are accepted as well as cash at both places.

After we’ve had our fill of Laser Tag and treats, we will hit the pavement to head back, on more awesome, country roads, nice curves & scenic views to continue with our celebration at LAWless 2020! 2nd leg is another hour in the saddle.

Minimum speed is 25 mph (in town) to 50 mph depending on the group, no highway, mostly county, & state routes.

We will be on a few narrow roads through the Amish areas, will ride single file & use hand signals for safety. Maximum spots for this ride will be 14. Hope you will join us-it will be fun, I have no doubt, and there might even be prizes!

15. Leaning, Shifting, and Smiling                                                         

  • Saturday Only   
  • Raider Restaurant, Freeport, OH                                                         
  • Lead: Cherie Kail
  • Middle:  Tammy Tallbot
  • Sweep-Katie Snyder
  • Total Miles: 100
  • Max Riders: 15
  • Min/Max MPH: 20/50
  • Scenic country, tight curves, rural, Amish buggies possible

Check out one of the curviest roads our area has to offer! State Route 258 will wind, and twist through gorgeous countryside on our way to the Raider Restaurant in Freeport.

The Raider is a local favorite, known for its awesome burgers and out of this world desserts! Meals average $10.

There are very tight curves on this road that will have you leaning a lot and really going through the gears. Vehicles with more than two wheels will be braking often.

The maximum speed is 50 mph. We may hit as low as 20 mph in some curves and 25 in town.

There is a rest stop/gas fill at 27 miles and another chance for gas near the restaurant, which is about 55 miles. The entire trip is around 100 miles.

Possible road hazards include Amish buggies and “road apples” from horses. The parking lot at the restaurant is level with some light gravel but there is curbside parking also that should accommodate most, if not all of our riders.

Overall, a breathtaking ride through countryside that will have you leaning, shifting, and smiling the entire way!