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It feels like we need to celebrate riding more than ever before.  That’s why in 2021, we launched the Ride Patch Collection.  When you ride in one of the Patch Rides you get a FREE patch.  We've picked dealership-scheduled rides, charity rides, and staple Ohio motorcycle destinations to make up our collection.

Below you can preview the entire collection and learn how to earn each patch.  Some are earned simply by showing up to the dealership and riding with us, some are a self-led journey where you use our app to check-in.  See below for a detailed FAQ. 



Polar Bear Ride

Saturday 3/19/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
April Fools' RideFriday 4/1/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
May the Fourth Ride
Wednesday 5/4/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
Ohio Bike Week Kick-Off RideFriday 5/27/22Register at Mad River H-D® & RIDE with us!
RCHD: Ronald McDonald House RideSaturday 6/11/22Register at Rubber City H-D® & RIDE with us!
Full Moon RideTuesday 6/14/22Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
Work Stinks RidesAHD: Wednesday 7/6/22
RNR: Wednesday 7/13/122
RCHD: Wednesday 7/20/22
MRHD: Wednesday 7/27/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
AHD: Thunder thru the ValleySaturday 7/16/22Register at Adventure H-D® & RIDE with us!
Rather Be in Sturgis RideCANCELLEDRegister at the dealership & RIDE with us!
RNR: Backpack RideSaturday 8/13/22Register at Rock-n-Roll City H-D® & RIDE with us!
Bug Splat RideTuesday 9/13/22Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
MRHD: Teddy Bear RunSaturday 9/17/22Register at Mad River H-D® & RIDE with us!
Ghost RideRNR: Saturday 10/1/22
MRHD & RCHD: Saturday 10/8/22
AHD: Saturday 10/22/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
Turkey RunMRHD, RCHD, RNR: Saturday 11/12/22
AHD: Saturday 11/19/22
Register at the dealership & RIDE with us!
Overnight RidesVarious Dates - More details to come!Register ahead of time - these will be limited capacity!  More details to come.
Ohio's Tail of the Dragon*May - September
Marblehead Lighthouse*May - September
Geneva-on-the-Lake*May - September
Check-in using our app | Check-in point: Geneva-on-the-Lake
Triple Nickel*May - SeptemberCheck-in using our app  |  Check-in point: Triple Nickel Diner
Mohican State Park*
May - September
Check-in using our app  |  Check-in point: Mohican State Park
Hocking Hills State Park*
May - September
Check-in using our app  |  Check-in point: Old Man's Cave Visitor Center


Q:  How do I earn a patch? 

A:  When you participate in any of the rides above, by riding your motorcycle or as a passenger on a motorcycle, you will get a patch!  There are multiple scheduled rides that leave from our dealerships.  You will come to the dealership on that date and sign up and RIDE.  The last 6 patches that are marked with a * can be earned when you sign up for our dealership app, ride to those locations and use the app to "check-in"!

Q:  Do the patches cost anything? 

A:  Nope!  The patches are FREE to all riders AND passengers!  All you have to do is RIDE with us!

Q:  What dealerships are participating? 

A:  All Ohio Motorcycle Group dealerships. That includes Adventure H-D® in Dover, Mad River H-D® in Sandusky, Rock-n-Roll City H-D® in Cleveland, and Rubber City H-D® in Cuyahoga Falls.

Q:  When will I get my patches? 

A:  For the dealership scheduled rides, all patches will be ordered afterward.  For the destinations, we will place orders monthly throughout the season.  You can sign up to be notified via text message when patches come in - sign up by texting "PATCH" to 64600.  We will also post on Facebook when they arrive!  Your patches will be located at the dealership you rode from or the dealership whose app you have installed.

Q:  Where can I find more details about each individual ride? 

A:  We are working to get the rides posted on each dealership's event calendars.  Check back periodically to see each month!





Q:  Can I get a patch if I drive my car during a ride? 

A:  The only way to EARN a patch is by riding a motorcycle during the ride, either as a rider or passenger.  If weather is an issue, we will make the call to cancel or reschedule.  However, oftentimes, patch rides will go on as scheduled.  Stay posted to our social media pages for more details.